Pet Office

Japanese scientists have been hard at work creating a fantastic series of torture devices for your cat. They sell these devices on their website so you can buy them and torture your own cat at home.
Thankfully they've included pictures of cats modeling every outfit, so you can get a preview of the sad tortured look you'll be getting from your pet.


  1. Pet Office! Because Its called Child abuse if you do this to your kid...

  2. times like this I think of the old saying: WWPD (What Would PETA Do?)

  3. oh lol. I wonder what happened to that cat after the pics XD

  4. Just awesome. Totally awesome..

  5. Take a loot at this one

    obviously it's nsfw and I guess is the most OMG WTF!? Tv show O_O

  6. dude, there are children who go to this site! D< *secretly starts watching it* you animal! Have you no shame!? *locks my door and gets a tube sock*

  7. LOL. Poor cats. There's a reason they use Scottish folds as models. I couldn't imagine a Siamese or Abyssinian putting up with that.

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  9. Your cat is NOT going to wear that!!!

  10. I've seen really cute photos of cats wearing Hello Kitty costumes in Pinterest. I didn't realize it was a Japanese thing. I wonder if those outfits are for sale in the US?