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  8. What you'll learn
    1. Discussion on important topics with respect to the exam and a deeper understanding of each one, to give you an edge in this exam. In general , the common tendency among aspirants is to write average and similar content, which is not appreciated by the examiner.

    2. Understanding the demand of Paper II in psychology, which remains a challenge for students across the board. Paper II is scoring , provided you know the basics right.

    3. Learning the inter-connectivity of topics and inter-paper connectivity i.e. Paper I and Paper II connectivity. This helps in fetching more marks.
    4. Discussion on answer-writing approach in psychology optional and structuring of your answer. As a matter of fact, we know that MAIN examination is not only about Content, equally important factor is answer writing. The course will delve substantially into it.

    5. You will learn about diagrammatic representation in exams and how to enhance the visual appeal of your answer sheet. This not only gives an overall better appeal, but will help in time management and completion of paper.

    6. Content differentiation, enriched content, and a better understanding of both the papers – which will directly lead to above average marks in MAIN Examination.

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    1. Discussion on art and nuances of Essay writing. Essay paper is a low-hanging fruit as you just have to package the content you have in a presentable manner. But this entails a creativity quotient and skills to write an above-average essay.

    2. Understanding the basics of the Essay writing without which it becomes difficult to score good marks in essay paper. How to connect one paragraph to another , what should be the flow in the essay , how many dimensions to discuss to score good marks. All this will be discussed in classes.

    3. Learning of various approaches to Essay writing in general and Introduction and Conclusion in particular. It is well known that many times students can write content for MAIN BODY of the essay , but when it comes to Introduction and Conclusion of Essay they can’t do justice with it.

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    Ethics Classes For UPSC Online Course 2022-23
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    What you'll learn
    Discussions on all units of Ethics GS paper 4 will make you comfortable on the subject matter.
    Understand the gravity of Ethical behaviour in public services in a developing country like India. Also how our day to day actions and their consequences impact significant others.
    Learning about eminent administrators who have contributed towards making India a robust nation and have truly upheld the spirit of Civil Services.
    Values which make governance not only possible but also acceptable in a country so diverse and where expectations of the citizens are rising continuously.

    Psychological concepts of Attitude and Emotional Intelligence and how they contribute in making us a better person. Also nuances about persuasion and social influence which are integral part of policy implementation.
    Understand how some important theories of moral thinkers advanced our understanding of Ethics and how they are relevant for the exam.
    Last but not the least , Case study based approach and skills of answer writing as without these success in Civil Services remains a far fetched dream.
    Answer writing in Ethics assumes importance as it is different from other papers of GS. In Ethics , quote based questions and Case Studies are marks fetching areas. Sir’s approach is to discuss answer writing skills so that you can get command on it.