Kayabuki Restaurant


  1. Saw it first on Break.com. Rare instance where a clip was feature there first, THEN, some other notable web site.

  2. I can just see the "logic" behind this: "Some people find it a little weird for a monkey to be serving them in a restaurant. I know, we'll dress it up like a woman and put a plastic mask on it, that wouldn't be weird at all!"

  3. I don't get it, but ok, there it is.

  4. holy crap she was a monkey?!

  5. I find it odd that, out of all the things I've seen on WTFJS, a monkey in a mask is the creepiest thing I've come across

    That thing that will haunt my nightmares for the foreseeable future.

  6. i got a real shocked and scare from it when it move in the first few sec

  7. ha saw this on justin lee collins turning japanese

  8. This is so funny!!!

  9. wait a sec, the ''waitress'' does'n't seem to serve anything at all!

    anyway I find it more sad for the monkey than disturbing. I mean, that environment seem stress full for the monkey..

  10. Who is this George guy?

  11. Aww... I want to watch it :(
    Anybody know of another version that hasn't been taken down?

  12. the curious george?

  13. I've seen parts of Funky Forest, but this was much, much creepier for some reason.

  14. Should not have watched this before bed. My irrational fear of dolls coming to life and sleep deprivation have combined to made this the most terrifying thing i have ever seen. Thanks Japan, love you too.

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